Grantaire in ‘ABC Cafe / Red and Black’ part 1

#i love u like the stars above i’ll love u til i die #grantaire’s innately a good fucking person which tbh is pretty mindblowing #for a person who believes that the world is a cruel and empty place and that all men are inherently selfish it’s #so so beautiful that grantaire doesnt act like a complete asshole #and the reason he doesnt is because he can’t ignore his inherent morality and sense of right and wrong #grantaire doesnt want to be a moral person but he is #grantaire can’t be a horrible piece of shit because he could never stomach it #no but think about it #grantaire believes that everything is utterly meaningless so why doesnt he lash out #why doesnt he hurt people #because no matter how much pain he feels inside he would never subject someone else to something like that #because he might be self-descructive but he has no desire to destroy others #because he’s a great fucking person #and the fact that he absolutely loathes himself fucking hurts me